Made Righteous

June 3, 2018

Jefferis Peterson

In 1973, Jeff Peterson was led to Jesus by a college friend. He said, “I was spending time in my dorm room reading scripture and skipping class.” He became involved in a religious group that was very legalistic. Their philosophy did not seem to fit with God’s word, and being a part of this group was confusing and uncomfortable. This experience began a journey which brought insights and a new understanding about being righteous.

How much do we owe God? Are we Pardoned or Paroled? This question became the title of a book Jeff has written. If we are pardoned, it seems as if we have never done anything wrong. If we are paroled, we are walking on eggshells, always looking over our shoulder, afraid that any misstep might throw us back into prison, or that we’ll be cast away from God’s presence. How does God see us today? Forgiven! Jesus took our Sin, and having become Sin for us, is our Savior from Sin.


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