The Spirit of Pride and Haughtiness

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, Than to divide the spoil with the proud.

Proverbs 16:18-19, KJV

Whenever you see your pain as an enemy, it will always be a wound and never become a scar.

When you humble yourself (trust & submit yourself), you destroy the power of pain over your life and that’s when God rewrites your story!

  • A prideful spirit will manifest itself through the _mouth_.


By his neesings a light doth shine, And his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning. Out of his mouth go burning lamps, And sparks of fire leap out.

Job 41:18-19, KJV

In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride: But the lips of the wise shall preserve them.

Proverbs 14:3, KJV

A humble spirit will practice the antidote for a haughty spirit’s verbiage………….

++”swallow your pride”.

  1. A prideful spirit will _hinder_ the Holy Spirit.

His scales are his pride, Shut up together as with a close seal. One is so near to another, That no air can come between them.

They are joined one to another, They stick together, that they cannot be sundered.

Job 41:15-17, KJV

One is so near to another, That no air can come between them.

Job 41:16

The Hebrew word for “air” is “ruwach”

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Genesis 1:2, KJV

Humility: Overcoming Pride

* Acknowledge the _problem_.

Then Job answered the LORD, and said, I know that thou canst do every thing, And that no thought can be withholden from thee.

Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? Therefore have I uttered that I understood not; Things too wonderful for me, which I knew not.

 Hear, I beseech thee, and I will speak: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me. I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: But now mine eye seeth thee. Job 42:1-5

* Make choices that will _hurt_ your pride.

Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent In dust and ashes. 10 And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Job 42:6,10, KJV

* Guard your heart.

* Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

5 I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: But now mine eye seeth thee.

Job 42:5, KJV

And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house; and putting his hands on him said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee in the way as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Acts 9:17-18

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Matthew 24:12, KJV

Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

II Timothy 2:19, KJV

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5, KJV